The Secrets of Happiness Lie in Fashionism

           50% of happiness in humans is derived from genetics. I am one of lucky ones; I have got the HAPPY GENE. But what about the other 50 %? What do we need to do to get all the way to bliss? There are many reasons why you should want to concentrate on being happy. Happiness is something we all want and 50% is the secret to making it happen. With all of side benefits, deciding to be happy is a pretty powerful thing. According to me, the rest 50% happiness lies in what you do or how you present yourself. It’s hard to imagine an association between clothes and happiness. But if you’re already aware of the trend ‘dopamine dressing’, you probably know it’s no old wives’ tale! Dopamine dressing is all about infusing happiness into everyday clothing. Wearing colours,fabrics and silhouettes that make you feel confident, powerful, and above all happy, all because they can trigger the release of feel-good hormones in your b

Slipping over that bright yellow sweatshirt may not be a bad idea after all. Gear up and brace yourself for a happy day! Let us see a few dressing ideas that would induce happiness and a spring in the steps

 Be Formal

Secretary Used Glasses Beautiful Girl Woma







It is always good to follow the clothing behavior. It’s good for your Business and good for You, Wearing a Suit makes people think differently. There is no surprise that the suit joins the ranks of power clothing. Because the ensemble will make you feel more professional and accomplished, what follows is a feeling of happiness that is sure to further boost your productivity. In psychological parlance, wearing a Suit encourages people to use abstract processing more readily than concrete processing

To Brighten Up Your Mood









Colors play an important role to Brighten Up Your Mood. Warm colors evoke feeling of happiness, optimism and energy. Color therapy has been practiced intraditional healing professions for many years, but marketers and business more recently have also used color to shift human moods. While neutral hues are perfect to create an understated look, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t experiment with other colours in the spectrum. Need help? Try pink or red to elevate the dopamine levels and a dash of blue or green for a release of oxytocin, perfect to induce a feeling of tranquility and happiness.

3. The Soft Feel                                                     Vietnam, Long Coat, Page, The Tradition

Realize that what you wear makes a huge difference not just on how you’re perceive by others…but more important, on how you feel about yourself. When you feel comfortable and confident, you feel happier in general. Silk is a fabric that gives you a smooth and warm touch unlike others fabrics. Silk is known for its softness, luster,

beauty and luxurious look which keeps you more happy.  If you’re looking for other everyday options, you’ll discover there’s no dearth of organic, soft, and breathable

 4. Clothing That Peps You Up   Gym Sports Weight Training Women Attractiv

The gym clothing gives you a Brain Boost. It’s not just high-street that make you score a 10 on the happiness scale. We’re all acquainted with the joys of sashaying around in simple track pants and training shoes, while running errands and staying on our toes. Besides, there’s an upside to this too – Sports psychologists say  that a new fitness gear  motivates you to hit the gym!

5. Wardrobe Favourites Down The Memory Lane                                     LIVA_FeelItToBelieveIt_Wardrobe_Favourites_That_Evoke_Happy_Memories

It could bring your memories of the yore flooding back. It could be your wedding dress or even a simple shirt that someone special gifted you, Your mind is sure to get flooded with pleasant memories every time you have it around. It’s almost like reminiscing over a photograph, which brings a smile to your face.

6. Get  Adventurous                                                                                                    Matterhorn, Skis, Sport, Snow, Mountain

That rough gear can definitely arouse the adventurous side of your personality.  Because you feel stylish and confident, you are game to engage in new experiences. The happiness quotient and confidence incites you to flaunt your inner spark and embark on an adventure spree.

7. The Liberating Garment


Want to break the shackles? Often, wearing a pair of pants can be liberating. Especially, because it is cut to facilitate free movement and allows you to focus on other things rather than worry about a receding hemline or the concern of sitting with your ankles crossed. The result? You’re happier and more ready than ever to seize the day!

The path to happiness indeed lies through your wardrobe. Are you willing to take a chance? Why not?


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